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“Driven by passion, I can’t wait to bring your story to life through my lens.”

Carlos Marquez 

At the core of my Portrait Photography is the dedication to “Capturing the Soul’s Narrative through a Lens of Unrivaled Artistry and Timeless Elegance.” This philosophy transcends mere taglines, informing every aspect of my work, from the deliberate choice of backdrop to the precision of each lighting setup. My practice goes beyond the simple act of taking photos; it’s an art form dedicated to capturing the essence of individuality, the dynamic between light and shadow, and the profound emotions displayed in a glance or smile. Whether it’s the introspective depth of a solo portrait, the warmth of a family gathering, or the personal achievements celebrated in a professional headshot, my camera seeks to preserve these moments as artworks. With every click, I strive to distill the beauty and emotion present, offering not just a photograph, but a timeless piece that echoes with the elegance and creativity distinct to each personal narrative.

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Fine Art Portraits

Fine Art Portrait Photography transcends traditional imagery to offer an exclusive experience tailored for the discerning clientele. As a professional photographer, I specialize in creating portraits that are not merely photographs but are intricate works of art, designed to capture and elevate the essence of the subject. Each portrait is meticulously crafted, combining sophisticated lighting, unique compositions, and artistic vision to produce a timeless piece that reflects your personal story with elegance and depth. This bespoke service is tailored to those who seek more than a portrait; they desire a masterpiece that embodies their individuality and legacy. For clients looking to preserve their persona in the realm of fine art, we offer the unparalleled expertise and personalized attention required to create stunning, gallery-worthy pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.


Custom Portraits

At Modern Vision Photography, we cherish the opportunity to collaborate closely with families, crafting customized and stylized fine art portraits that narrate their unique stories. Our aim is to create not just photographs, but masterpieces worthy of life-size canvas displays that transform these moments into art for all to admire. We dedicate ourselves to delivering pieces that stand as testaments to each family’s journey, ensuring that every fine art portrait we produce can be celebrated as a work of art in any space.

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Dance Photography

Carlos boasts a rich background in beauty and fashion photography, complemented by a strong passion for capturing the elegance of dance. His expertise and artistic vision have positioned him as an emerging leader in ballet photography within the Niagara region. Renowned for his ability to encapsulate the fluidity and grace of ballet through his lens, Carlos is rapidly gaining recognition as a sought-after photographer in the dance world. His dedication to his craft and his unique ability to convey the beauty of dance in still imagery make him a standout choice for those seeking to preserve the art of ballet.

A little about Carlos…

As a portrait photographer, my job is more than just taking pictures—it’s about capturing your story and the connections you share. It’s a privilege for me to document the special chapters in your life. I work closely with people to bring out their unique personalities and the deep connections they have, turning these into powerful images that tell their own tales.

Working with the latest in state of the art digital equipment & software allows Carlos to take full advantage of his artistic vision and ensures exceptional quality. With digital retouching and award winning photography, he will ensure that you look your absolute best.



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Kind Words…

We asked for quality and creativity in the photos being taken and the results were AMAZING! Wanted to be able to relate to the pictures in the future so asked for location branding and Carlos did just that. He knows Niagara Falls and gave us what we wanted.

Dave Churey

Family Portrait Photography

We were very happy with Modern Vision Photography. They are professional in what they do; absolutely wonderful, talented, and most patient photographers. They work with the client to make sure they are satisfied with the finished product, no matter the time it takes. Through laughs and gentle guidance, the most perfect genuine pictures come to life. Will definitely recommend!

Tamara Kupchak

Corporate Portraits

You are such a talented photographer, and we were thrilled with the results of your work. From the beginning, your friendliness and calm manner gave us all the confidence we needed. In addition to that, the excellent services you offered were very reasonable, and we will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you!

Chrystal Fox

Engagement Portraits

Kristie Coppins
Kristie Coppins
We booked the Calvary Chapel for our wedding and the package included a photographer. Modern Vision was amazing to work with. They were quick, and efficient and knew how to organize and work with the guests and babies. Overall, our entire wedding couldn't have been more perfect. We are so grateful to all involved. We look forward to contacting Modern Vision in the future for our photography needs as we would love to dress up and go back for more photos in warmer weather.
Tom Cline
Tom Cline
Amazing work by Carlos last week in Niagara falls when my wife and myself eloped. Super friendly and professional. I would recommend modern vision photography to anyone looking to have photos done.
Wendy Cline
Wendy Cline
We eloped in Niagara Falls and Carlos at Modern Vision Photography captured the most beautiful wedding pictures! He was kind, funny and made us feel at ease. The quality of photos he produced is beyond words, thank you so very much!!!! I would highly recommend!
Cindy S
Cindy S
The photographer captured our wedding photos near Niagara Falls beyond what I imagined. He was prompt, friendly and professional. He went above and beyond what we had planned and even took us to other locations to take pictures to ensure we'd have the most memorable photos ever!
Terry Willoughby
Terry Willoughby
He captured beautiful Wedding photos and made the entire experience the best! I would will highly recommend them to all my friends for all occasions.
Kevin Salfi
Kevin Salfi
Had a great experience with the photographer. She had a variety of poses and locations in mind for our engagement photos in Niagara Falls. She was very friendly and easy to work with.
Sofie Wade
Sofie Wade
It was an amazing day thanks to the photographer, he made us feel at ease while taking the pictures thanks so much they turned out great!!
Rosie DiBella
Rosie DiBella
I highly recommend Modern Vision Photography to anyone looking for a professional and affordable photographer. Modern Vision Photography is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a skilled and reasonably priced photographer. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction commitment are commendable. I have enjoyed working with them and can confidently say that their work is of the highest quality. Don't hesitate to book them for your next photography project - you won't be disappointed! Rosie and Kevin
Jessica Hobbs
Jessica Hobbs
The photos are great quality, and the photographer did a great job at positioning and making the backgrounds look ideal.
Matilda Saunders
Matilda Saunders
My fiancé contacted Modern Vision Photography’s for a surprise photographer during his proposal. Carlos was fun to work with and took some excellent posed photos. He was super familiar with the Falls area and took our photos wants into consideration. We ended up with so amazing photos!



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